July 5, 2015

Archos 10 Inch Android Tablet Review

Archos 10 Inch TabletWhen an individual is interested in purchasing an Android tablet there are several items they take into consideration. Two of the major considerations will be screen size and the speed in which the device operates. The Archos 10.1 Android Tablet offers both in spades.

What Sets The Archos 10.1 Apart From The Competition?

This device comes with 1 Ghz processor. This allows it to be competitive with some of the most advanced designs on the market. The Archos 10.1 is named such due to its 10.1 capacitative multi-touch display screen. It has the pinch-and-zoom capability than many people have come to enjoy. It is incredibly speedy in preagards to HD multimedia playback and web browsing. One of its best features is the ability to multitask across many applications.
The device comes with a built-in 16 GB memory storage capacity that is readily expanded using a microSD memory card of up to 32 GB in size. As with many of the top-tier devices on the market it is fully compatible with HDTV and HD monitors due to its HDMI port. Those individuals who wish to directly download information from their personal computer to their tablet, or wish to use a full size keyboard, can do so through the Archos 10.1′s full-sized USB port.

Other items of interest include the Archos exclusive music, video, and photo apps that can be used to further create a smooth browsing experience in album archives. One of the most impressive items is the ability to view TV shows and videos without being forced to re-encode them. This application even allows for audio and video formats outside of the normal ones Android allows. The ability to display subtitles and alternate audio tracks at the same time through a drag and play method is well received as well.

When it comes to battery life, the Archos 10.1 is more than capable of handling the long haul of traveling. The device offers 36 hour of music playback, 10 hours of continuous web surfing (when the user is working under normal web surfing methods) and roughly 7 hours of continuous video playback.

The Archos 10.1 is the perfect device for anyone that wants a solidly performing Android tablet that focuses on multi-media experiences and user interactivity. The video and audio functions for this device are among its biggest selling points and as such it can be seen as the major reason to choose this device over other devices currently on the market.

High End tablet design with the latest Android operating system, the ARCHOS 101 Internet tablet features a 10.1-inch multi-touch display with pinch-and-zoom capabilities, a fast 1. GHz processor for fast web browsing, HD multimedia playback, and multitasking across applications. With the Android 2.2 OS (dubbed “Froyo”), the ARCHOS 101 provides support for the Adobe Flash 10.1 player, enabling you to view the web and streaming video sites without compromise

By Bob Barrett onGoogle+

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