July 8, 2015

HTC Evo View Android Tablet

HTC Evo View Tablet

HTC EVO View Android Tablet ReviewThe Tablet PC market is rapidly becoming overly saturated with devices that are cookie cutter renditions of the same or similar devices revealed by other companies. In this sort of environment it can be difficult to discern which Tablet to buy based on the similarities among them. However, there are a few mobile devices of this type that stand out from the rest. The HTC EVO View Tablet is one such device.

Have you ever wanted to carry around a computer in your pocket that can do it all and then some? The HTC EVO View can do all that and more. This nifty tablet has the processing power, memory capacity, and sleek sexy look that will make people stand up and take notice.

Those individuals who desire to know about a given device’s specifications will be delighted to note that this tablet has true 4G capacity. This allows it to be used at speeds that are faster than most home based cable connections, on-the-go. It comes complete with a 1.5 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and an entire gigabyte of RAM. This means that not only is the device fast, but it has the capacity to multi-task and perform many different functions at once in a manner that few other devices can compete with.

The dual cameras this device sports work well with the 4G capacity to develop lightning fast video conferencing capacity and file sharing. This allows the HTC EVO View to be perfect for both the casual user and the professional user who utilizes this high-end device for work purposes.

While 4G is always considered to be the best solution for interested users, this device also accomodates owners who happen to live outside of a dedicated 4G area. 3G and even 2G connectivity are available for those individuals who simply do not live close enough to a major urban center to warrant 4G connectivity. For those individuals who do have such capacity, however, the HTC EVO View is also available as a 4G Wifi hotspot that is capable of connecting to up to eight separate devices at once. Combine this concept with its HDMI port and it is entirely possible to run an entire home business or small office based on this one device alone. Those individuals who adore watching streaming movies on demand will note that the HDMI allows them to play these movies on their television screen as opposed to the 7-inch screen of this device. If multi-tasking, 4G connectivity, and the ability to operate many devices at once is what you want in a tablet, buy the HTC EVO View Tablet right now!


By Bob Barrett onGoogle+

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